Manufacturing Safety Tips to Keep Employees Safe This Summer

Manufacturing Safety Tips to Keep Employees Safe This Summer Phillips Staffing

Consider these safety tips to reduce risks to your employees this summer.

Understanding Heat-Related Illnesses

Heat-related illnesses can range from sunburn and heat rash to potentially life-threatening heat stroke. Before someone develops heat stroke, they will go through heat exhaustion and heat cramps.

Summer manufacturing safety includes educating employees on the symptoms of heat-related illness, such as heavy sweating, muscle cramps, and faintness. At the first warning sign, the employee should move to air conditioning if available, or to a cooler, shaded location. Sip water and use cold, wet compresses to cool the skin. If heat stroke is suspected (very high fever, fast pulse, losing consciousness), call 911 and do not give water or anything by mouth.


While most manufacturing facilities have climate control, they may struggle to keep up on a hot summer’s day. Opening doors and windows, and using large fans to keep air moving, can go a long way toward preventing indoor temperatures from soaring.


Dehydration can be dangerous on its own, and it raises the risk for heat-related illnesses. Make sure all of your workers have access to fresh, cool water, and encourage them to keep sipping throughout the day.

Regular Breaks

Physical exertion increases the risk for heat-related illness. Implement a regular break schedule, and encourage workers to take additional short breaks if needed.


Check in with your employees regularly. They may not feel comfortable telling you if they are feeling exhausted or sick, so ask them directly how they feel. Encourage them to drink hydrating fluids and eat salty snacks throughout the day to replenish electrolytes, and to choose smaller lunch options that include hydrating foods.

Overall Safety

Manufacturing safety doesn’t begin and end with protecting your workers from the heat. Make sure that your safety policy is up to date. It should include everything from personal protective equipment (PPE) to ways of reducing fire hazards. Provide regular safety training and develop a culture in which everyone looks out for each other.

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