The Best Ways to Retain Manufacturing and Distribution Talent

The Best Ways to Retain Manufacturing and Distribution Talent Phillips Staffing

It can be hard these days not only to find talent, but also to retain your top workers. In manufacturing and distribution, it is not unusual for employees to leave abruptly, with little or no warning.

To keep your team together, follow these tips to help retain your talent in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Easier Onboarding and Training

It is difficult to retain manufacturing and distribution talent past the first week if you’re still using outdated onboarding or training processes. Send new hires all the forms they need to complete in advance. Take advantage of technology by using digital e-Docs that can be completed from any device.

During the first week, train workers only on the essentials to avoid overwhelming them. Then assign a mentor or “buddy” for the first 30 days to help them learn on the job.

Better Communication

Make new hires feel like part of the team. Create opportunities for them to meet team members in different departments. Check in frequently to see how they’re doing, but avoid micromanagement. Offer multiple channels for them to provide feedback, and take action on their suggestions.

Offer Desirable Benefits and Perks

For today’s workers, pay is only part of the equation. Consider offering a menu of benefits, from childcare stipends to pet health insurance. This allows each worker to choose what’s most important to them. Also look for ways to create flexibility, such as compressed work weeks or job sharing.

Company Culture

Create a positive company culture that centers on your employees’ needs. Work-life balance, collaboration, and a supportive atmosphere are all essential to employee retention. People feel a stronger sense of loyalty when they believe that the company truly has their best interests in mind.

Career Pathways

No one wants to stay in the same position forever. To retain manufacturing and distribution talent, help your employees envision a future with your company by developing clear career pathways. Provide regular promotions. Check in with your workers frequently to ensure that they are on their desired individual paths.

Ready for New Talent?

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