The staffing and recruiting business is made up of equal parts “science” and “art.” There is no one universal method or solution that works across the board. Every workplace is different. Every job is unique.


At Phillips, we know that to deliver results to our clients and employees, we must be:


At the same time, there are fundamental, underlying principles that guide our every action. These basic core values make up the foundation for effective relationships and long-term success. These include:


We believe that all of these attributes and values are inherent in our company and in our people, and that we have found the right balance between ingenuity and fundamentals – between flexibility and core strength – between “art and science.”

  • We are nimble – not because we are small – in fact, we are one of the largest staffing companies in the region – but because we think dynamically, and we act decisively.
  • We are a South Carolina company – founded here, headquartered here, and with locations around the state – which not only gives us insight into our local economies and markets, but also puts decision-making and resource allocation right where it needs to be – close to our clients and employees.
  • Our company is made up of highly passionate people – many of whom have been with us for decades. They are knowledgeable and talented, and they bring that expertise to every transaction, every day.
  • With this framework, we have the tools to be innovative in how we operate and solve problems.
  • We are committed to delivering results for our clients, while adhering to deep-rooted values. We understand what it means to work with a sense of urgency, and we are relentless in our pursuit of generating outstanding outcomes.
  • Passion and resolve drive us and set us apart.

On the warm spring morning of May 1, 1968, Sam B. Phillips, Jr. got up, put on his coat and tie, and walked down the hallway in his house to the spare bedroom. There, he hung up his coat, sat down at his desk, and went to work.

The staffing and personnel business was a fledgling industry then, but Sam envisioned a way to put people together with employers, which was different than the industry standard at that time – and better. His idea led to his getting the best candidates for his clients, and a reputation for delivering outstanding service. In the 1970’s, he expanded the company’s reach into temporary staffing, with a division that would later become Phillips Staffing.

As the business has grown and evolved over the years, there have been countless changes in human resources, employment law, technology, demographics, and the economy. Through Sam’s vision, the many talented individuals that make up the Phillips management and leadership team, and a lot of hard work and determination, Phillips Staffing has been on the cutting edge of the trends and conditions that drive business in the Southeast, and it has been a leading provider of full-service staffing, professional placement, payroll management, and HR consulting.

Today, we have thousands of employees on assignment for clients across the Southeast on any given day. We continue to be strategically positioned, technologically driven, and financially strong. We comply with all employment laws and proudly maintain non-discriminatory hiring policies and practices on behalf of our organization and our clients.

For over 55 years, Phillips Staffing has remained laser-focused on delivering superior talent, outstanding client service, innovative solutions, and community leadership, while operating with the highest integrity… all to help our clients achieve the highest level of success possible.

One client at a time. One position at a time. One employee at a time. It was Sam’s way back in 1968. It’s the Phillips way today.