After 55 Years, It’s Still All About People

After 55 Years, It’s Still All About People Phillips Staffing

On May 1, 1968, Sam B. Phillips, Jr., started his day doing basically the same thing he had always done – he got up, put on his coat and tie, and headed to work. Only this time, rather than driving to an office, he walked down the hallway in his house to the spare bedroom. There, he immediately took off his coat, hung it on the back of his chair, sat at his desk, and went to work.

That was the humble beginning of our company, 55 years ago today.

Sam started the business to satisfy two very basic needs – the need of companies for top talent, and the need of individuals for rewarding and fulfilling careers. He truly believed that people are the most important asset of any business – after all, “company” means a group of people – and that a person’s work is a critical aspect to quality of life and overall well-being – quite literally, their “livelihood.”

Sam also had a vision for the company to be a leader in what was then a very young industry. Words like “staffing” and “talent” were years away from wide usage in the industry. He just understood that the basic needs that his company was addressing were universal – across different industries, demographics, and geography – and that there was a valuable service that his company could provide.

Above all, he knew that delivering solutions to his clients with outstanding service, integrity, and utmost care for both the company and the individual was paramount to this new business’s longevity.

Over the next five and a half decades, the company grew, expanded, and evolved on these founding principles. Today, Phillips Staffing serves hundreds of client companies in the Southeast, placing thousands of qualified employees every day… and Phillips Select provides direct hire recruiting to companies across the region.

We are extremely proud to celebrate this milestone of 55 years, to reflect on our accomplishments, and to remember our history. We are so grateful for the many, many people who have played a part in this wonderful story.

But we are even more excited about our future!

As our industry – along with the economy and the world around us – continues to change at a blinding pace, people are still at the very heart of every business, no matter where technology and connectivity may take us. At Phillips, we hold fast to our core values, but we are committed to being innovative and nimble – we do not hesitate to adopt and utilize technology and tools to help us better serve our clients.

Our mission has not changed in 55 years. In all the services and solutions we offer, we continue to seek to fill those same basic needs of both companies and people. These needs are still as prevalent today as they were in 1968. The nature of commerce constantly changes – how things are made, how services are delivered, and how transactions take place. So many things today are “virtual” or “artificial.” Human interaction gives way to automated communication. But those machines don’t have the same basic needs as people and companies – rather, they serve to help fulfill various human needs. All of that to say – it really is all about people.

Our company is all about people. It has been since day one back in 1968, and it still is today (day 20,088). No matter how we go about our jobs on a day-to-day basis in the future, our mission of helping people and the companies they work for will always be what drives us and brings us the greatest satisfaction. We look forward to the next 55 years and beyond!

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