Rhodes Certified as WIN Job Analyst


GREENVILLE, SC – April 21, 2021 – Jon Rhodes, VP of Business Development for Phillips Staffing, has earned authorization from the SC Department of Employment & Workforce as a Certified WIN Job Analyst for WIN Learning programs. Phillips Staffing is one of South Carolina’s largest and fastest-growing staffing, recruiting, and HR services firms.

WIN Job Analysis is a comprehensive job analysis model that is designed to help employers source the right candidates, set selections standards, and hire and advance the most qualified individuals for their specific jobs. The process involves in-depth analysis of the job to determine the tasks and foundational skills required to successfully perform the job. This helps employers understand the skills that prospective workers need to possess or develop, in conjunction with WIN Learning’s Ready to Work and Essential Soft Skills credential programs. The State of South Carolina has partnered with WIN Learning for collaborative career readiness training, assessments, and certification programs since 2018.

“Phillips has always been a leader in workforce development and in finding innovative ways to successfully match employees with employers,” Rhodes said. “This alignment with WIN Learning will allow us to further enhance what we already do, and will give our clients a high level of confidence that the people we assign are truly the best candidates for their specific jobs.”

Jon has been in the fields of workforce, training, and recruiting for over 11 years. Prior to joining Phillips Staffing in 2019 as VP of Business Development, he recruited skilled workers from all over the United States for industrial and construction jobs. He also has trained thousands of workers, and he holds certification as an authorized OSHA 500 trainer. He is involved with workforce development organizations across the Upstate, and he is a national Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) member.

For more information on the WIN Job Analysis program, please contact Jon Rhodes at (864) 679-4502, or by e-mail at jrhodes@phillipsstaffing.com!

One thought on “Rhodes Certified as WIN Job Analyst

  1. That is awesome! Congratulations! This should definitely help both the employee and the employer. Employees will better understand their position and be qualified to perform the job duties, which makes them more confident on the job, which leads to improved job performance. Employers will be able to market open positions more specifically in order to attract the right candidates. And with employees having more knowledge of the job position, duties, and expectations, employers will be able to retain employees! Win win!

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