Need Qualified, Work-Ready Talent?

Need Qualified, Work-Ready Talent? Phillips Staffing

The market for qualified workers remains historically tight, but Phillips Staffing can help you find, hire, and retain the talent you need for a variety of manufacturing, distribution, and other light industrial positions. Here are some ways that Phillips Staffing can help: Flexibility Phillips allows you to quickly and easily adjust your workforce to match… Read More »

After 55 Years, It’s Still All About People

After 55 Years, It’s Still All About People Phillips Staffing

On May 1, 1968, Sam B. Phillips, Jr., started his day doing basically the same thing he had always done – he got up, put on his coat and tie, and headed to work. Only this time, rather than driving to an office, he walked down the hallway in his house to the spare bedroom.… Read More »