Navigating Talent Challenges in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Navigating Talent Challenges in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Phillips Staffing

If you’re trying to recruit new workers for your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in upstate South Carolina, you may have run into some challenges. Attracting candidates can be tough at the best of times, and the past few years have been anything but normal. Let’s take a look at the most common issues and what you can do to overcome them.

Talent Shortage

Many fields today are facing talent shortages, and pharmaceutical manufacturing is no exception. As Baby Boomers retire, there simply aren’t enough young workers interested in going into the manufacturing industry. This means that there is stiff competition for top talent.


Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole faces high turnover rates. The work can be challenging, and employees know that they have other options. You’ll have to make sure that you’re offering top wages and benefits to remain competitive. Also look at different ways to build employee loyalty, from performance bonuses to regular teambuilding activities.

Regulatory and Compliance Concerns

One unique challenge that pharmaceutical manufacturing faces is the sheer volume of regulations. You’ll need to ensure that every candidate you are considering has the required certifications, qualifications, and experience for the role. Candidates also need to have a strong working knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry. This narrows the field and prevents you from hiring entry level employees to learn on the job.

Finding the Right Candidates

Unfortunately, many talented candidates are reluctant to go into the pharmaceutical industry. They may have concerns about the constant level of scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Or they may simply be unsure how to gain the needed certifications and experience. To overcome this, try to make the rest of the qualification process as easy as possible. Focus on the things that candidates must have to work in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and be willing to train other skills on the job.

Hiring Costs

Recruiting and screening candidates is never cheap. These costs can be even higher in the pharmaceutical industry, since you’ll need to find and attract people with specialized qualifications. This can be especially challenging for smaller companies, since you’re competing against well-established businesses with a global reach.

The Solution

One of the best ways to address these challenges is to work with a dedicated staffing agency with strong experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. We know where to find the qualified talent you need and how to recruit them for your company. We’re also expert matchmakers. We understand how to choose candidates who are just the right for your unique business culture.

Ready for New Talent?

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