Is the Advanced Manufacturing Industry a Good Field to Start a Career?

Is the Advanced Manufacturing Industry a Good Field to Start a Career? Phillips Staffing

If you are looking for a new career with excellent opportunities to learn, grow, and develop new skills, you may want to consider advanced manufacturing.

What Is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing can be defined loosely as using technology to revolutionize old ways of manufacturing products. Common technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and a variety of digital software tools. The goal is to streamline processes, allowing companies to lower costs, boost productivity, and enhance both quality and safety.

What Companies Use Advanced Manufacturing?

The manufacturing sector as a whole is undergoing a period of rapid evolution, making it relatively easy to find an advanced manufacturing job. Whether you’re interested in building large machinery, semiconductors, consumer products, or myriad other goods, advanced manufacturing technologies likely are being utilized.

How Can I Get Started?

The first step to get started in advanced manufacturing is to consider your career interests and goals. Do you ultimately want to focus on production, design, logistics, quality control, or something else that aligns with your skill set?  Research entry-level positions in your chosen career track to understand the requirements and opportunities that are available.

Some advanced manufacturing roles may offer on-the-job training; however, certain specialties may require a four-year degree.  Gaining practical experience and skills in a manufacturing role can provide insights into the industry and the various roles that are available.

Can a Staffing Agency Help?

Phillips Staffing, a dedicated and experienced staffing agency, can be a tremendous help with getting started in your advanced manufacturing career. We can guide you through the various opportunities and career tracks, and inform you of companies that are actively hiring. We also can help you enhance your resume and interview skills to increase your competitiveness.  Our services are entirely free to job seekers!

Looking for A New Job?

Phillips Staffing has been matching job seekers with open positions in manufacturing, distribution, and other industries for over 55 years. We also offer soft skills training that can help you land and succeed in almost any job. If you’re in Greenville or Upstate South Carolina and are looking for your next role, get started today!

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