Is the Automotive Industry a Good Field to Start a Career?

Is the Automotive Industry a Good Field to Start a Career? Phillips Staffing

If you’re ready to start a new career, the automobile manufacturing industry could be just what you’re looking for. There are numerous companies in South Carolina that build cars and other vehicles –  including electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and numerous suppliers of parts, components, and other services to the industry.

Jobs in the auto industry offer excellent pay, room for growth, and the opportunity to learn as you go. And with so many different positions to choose from – such as Machine Operator, Assembler, Injection Mold Operator, Material Handler, Inspector, and many more – it’s a great way to “jump start” your career!

Below are a few benefits of working in the Auto Industry:

Growing Industry

The automotive industry is one of the largest employers in South Carolina. It includes companies that build cars and other vehicles, as well as the many suppliers of parts, components, and other services. The sector includes over 500 companies and employs over 74,000 professionals in the state. And the industry is growing, with more and more vehicles built here every year.

Great Career Pathways

Entry-level positions in the auto manufacturing industry pay well, and there are excellent growth opportunities. You’ll get job-specific training, but these jobs also offer opportunities to learn other skills and talents – including things like critical thinking and leadership. Whether you make a career in the automotive field or somewhere else ultimately, you’ll get great experience and learn valuable skills to build your resume.


The automotive industry is one of the most advanced industries in the world in terms of technology, engineering, and logistics. Not only do you get to work with the latest innovations in vehicles, but the manufacturing facilities and techniques are cutting-edge.


Safety is a top priority in the auto industry – not just in the end product that they build, but in how they make every part and component. Phillips works with companies that follow strict safety protocols, training and education, and compliance with all regulations and best practices. Phillips also communicates closely with all employees to ensure they have the training and resources necessary to feel confident and safe on the job.

Interested In a Career In the Auto Industry? Phillips Staffing Is Here to Help

Phillips Staffing has been matching job seekers with open positions in the auto industry, advanced manufacturing, distribution, and other industries for over 55 years. If you’re in Greenville, SC or Upstate South Carolina and are looking for your next role, get started today!

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