The 24/7 Economy: Night Shift Staffing Challenges in Upstate SC’s Distribution Centers

The 24/7 Economy: Night Shift Staffing Challenges in Upstate SC's Distribution Centers

As e-commerce continues to expand, there is an unprecedented demand for distribution workers. Filling these open positions can be a challenge. And night shift can be especially difficult to fill.

Here are some things to consider when hiring overnight workers.

Pay Differential

Asking people to work overnight means asking them to give up anything resembling a normal schedule. Therefore, it’s pretty common for employers to pay a bit extra for this shift. Make sure you offer enough to make it enticing.

Making Night Shift Feel Like Part of the Team

Employee retention can be tough, but making them feel like family can go a long way toward building loyalty. Unfortunately, night shift workers often miss out on teambuilding activities, which typically occur during the day. Make an extra effort to help them feel included. For example, you might schedule an employee event for late evening, shortly before the night shift starts. Or provide a catered “lunch” for your night crew, even though it will be served at 3am.

Sourcing Night Crew

You might have to think outside the box a bit to find people who naturally fit on the night shift. Consider hiring college students, who are used to late night study sessions. When you write job descriptions, clearly state that you are hiring for overnights and explain the pay differential and other perks.

Or partner with a staffing agency. With strong ties to the local community and a deep roster of well-qualified candidates, we know how to source exactly the employees that you need. This includes finding and recruiting potential night shift workers who are comfortable with the hours and ready to make a commitment. And best of all, we vet each candidate very carefully. You can be confident that your new workers have the experience and skills required to be successful. We’re also expert matchmakers, and we take pride in finding just the right fit for your existing company culture.

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