Phillips Staffing is my recruiting source for temporary outsourcing – excellent time-to-fill, customer satisfaction, attentive to hiring needs, and efficient onboarding process.

Client: Phillips is my source

We have used several staffing companies in the past, but we have found that Phillips is the only one who recruits to our standard. We now get 100% of our new associates from Phillips Staffing!

Client: Phillips Best

I can tell how much Phillips cares about their people. I had never used a staffing agency before, but I wanted to change my career path, so I decided to give it a shot. I will never regret choosing Phillips Staffing, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a new job or career!

Associate: No regrets

Phillips Staffing is one of the best companies out there! They are very professional and friendly at the same time. The jobs they offer are more than just the average temp jobs – they are more like careers waiting to happen!

Associate: Career

The professionalism of the staff at Phillips is amazing. They are excellent to work with… trustworthy… and always willing to go above and beyond what is expected!

Client: Phillips is Professional

The people that I work with at Phillips are great! They are always helpful and very quick to respond to our needs.

Client: Helpful and Responsive

Phillips’s team is much more adaptable and customer-focused than some of the other agencies are willing to be.

Client: Phillips is More Customer-Focused

Your willingness and ability to adapt to our needs; to overcome issues in a team-oriented, collaborative way; and the overall level to which your team members have staffed our needs – all in a highly competitive market – have validated our belief that we partner with one of the best staffing companies in the upstate for manufacturing Team Members.

– Satisfied Client in Upstate SC

Client: Validation

This is a great company to work for! They want to find the right job placement for all their people, and they go out of their way to keep you working.

Associate: The Right Job

I love working for Phillips Staffing!  I have learned a lot and been given opportunities to perform a job that I am skilled at, and that I love doing.

Associate: Love My Job