Chemical Operator in Roebuck, SC at Phillips Staffing

Date Posted: 11/1/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Comply with all site and job specific safe working expectations. Actively participate in safety programs. Runs reactive chemistry processes to generate finished goods as specified on batch sheets and bills of material (BOM). Monitors chemical processes, records data, and makes decisions to ensure safe operation and quality product is made. Filters and transfers finished product, packages materials, and prepares for shipping or bulk storage.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Follow all plant safety requirements and participate in activities to continuously improve safety performance. Lead/participate in department and site safety initiatives including attending and leading safety meetings as assigned.

2. Reviews paperwork associated with process to be operated and sets up equipment according to instructions.

3. Verifies raw material availability and restocks plant supply as needed.

4. Adds raw materials to vessels, either manually, periodically lifting 55 lbs., or via hard piped systems utilizing pumps.

5. Monitors reactive chemical processes via computer control systems and visual observation of data and records data throughout.

6. Troubleshoots and reports processing issues using collected data and by monitoring plant control system trends in order to ensure safe plant and process operation.

7. Samples batches, in-process and finished product. Adjusts batch upon quality control advice, if necessary, to meet quality standards.

8. Records production data in log and SAP computer systems as pertains to batch.

9. Filters and transfers final product into proper storage container, tank, or truck.

10. Places identification labels on containers for storage and shipping.

11. Cleans work area, tank-feeding lines, and vessel. Maintains housekeeping in shared work areas.

12. Participates in inventory control processes including cycle counting.

13. Inspects forklifts, work areas, and personal safety equipment for compliance with documented expectations. Supports routine jobs inspections, as assigned.

14. Stays current on safety and job training expectations.

15. Be able to assist the Day Operator and maintenance personnel with preparation of equipment for maintenance repairs per the safe work permit process.

16. Have full understanding of site safety system permits in the acceptor role. Be able to complete and work from safe work permits for non-routine tasks.

17. Work overtime as needed and be available during allotted time scheduled on the production call-in calendar.

18. Performs all duties as requested by team manager.

Other Essential Criteria:

1. Must be able to support and be aligned with business goals by contributing to the Company’s safety programs and quality objectives.
2. Must be able to satisfy the Core Competencies for the role.
3. Must be able to work in a team environment.